On December 7, 1941, the Japanese Empire launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor killing over 2,000 service members. The attack would bring the United States into the Second World War.

Our country, underwent a huge transformation during world war II. Victory gardens were commonplace, and salvaging and recycling was an everyday thing.

In honor of  that day, and that time period, I will be posting some helpful hints from those times. They are relevant even today!

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I am a woman in transition. Working hard to build my little mini farm, and be a good mom, and grandma! I have my own Harley, and love to feel the wind in my face. I am a Christian, tree hugger, homesteader, biker chick! Now that is a combination.


  1. I would love to know about Victory gardens and how they grew them. By the time I was interested in gardening my grandmother was living in town and never mentioned it.

    • About the victory gardens…there is a wealth of knowledge at your local senior center. Volunteer if they need help and ask questions. Or maybe you have a neighbor that will remember.

      My Father’s family were/are farmers, so I got the know how from him. I’ve grown something my whole life. Wether it was ‘The Chicken Project’ at 8 years old, growing tomatoes in pots on apartment patios, or my backyard orchard planted early this year, I have him to thank. He passed the family knowledge to me. And I have continued on. My children now have tomatoes in pots and plots of their own. And when my grandbabies are old enough they will know about Papa Michael’s family, eat apples from Granny Tera’s orchard and learn to grow tomatoes.

  2. Just a minor correction. The actual quote by FDR is that December 7th was a “DATE which would live in infamy.” My father was a Pearl Harbor Survivor, aboard the USS West Virginia.


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