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GIVEAWAY: Manna Pro Poultry Conditioner

In the Urban Homestead's animal pen, copious amounts of  feathers are blowing about and making the entire place look untidy.   Some of the moulting hens...

GIVEAWAY: Manna Pro Poultry Conditioner — Winner Announced!

Thanks to Manna Pro LLC who sent these boxes to us to share with y'all. Be sure to check out the company at...

WINNER: Natural Poultry Feed Supplement

The winner's number was chosen by random.org. Wish I could give each and everyone one of you a prize to thank you for visiting and sharing! I seriously have a guilt problem when it comes to giveaways....

Farm Innovators – All Season 3 Gallon – Plastic Poultry Fountain

I was unsure about buying a product like this, electricity, straw, and water as a combination just don't seem to me as a good mix.

Poultry Supplement Giveaway Winners!

I've decided to give away two bags of the supplement because of my mistake. I used random.org to determine the winner and lost...

GIVEAWAY: Manna Pro Goat Treats!

Most giveaways has been for our feathered pals. But we haven't forgotten the other animals! And what better giveaway is there for our goatie-goats...

Giveaway: Natural Poultry Feed Supplement [closed]

To celebrate the launch of this new site, we're giving away 1 package of our own natural and holistic poultry supplement -- comment here for a chance to win!

GIVEAWAY: 3pk Avian Aqua Miser [closed]

This is probably one of the best watering systems for the backyard flock owner. If you have problems with chickens sitting on top of...

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