Farm Innovators – All Season 3 Gallon – Plastic Poultry Fountain


I was unsure about buying a product like this, electricity, straw, and water as a combination just don’t seem to me as a good mix.

But freezing temperatures, and early snow this year made me re-think my uncertainties.

Much to surprise, this little poultry fountain is a GEM! It does what it says, and I don’t have to go break water two times a day.

It keeps enough current going thru the base of it to just keep the water for freezing.

I purchased mine from Orscheln Farm & Home for $36.99 which seemed a bit pricey at the time, but now, I wouldn’t take a million dollars for it.

So if you live in a climate that has colder winter weather you just might want to invest in one of these.


  1. Buying the heated dog bowls was my intention, but when I got to the store of course they were sold out. I debbated it back and forth and finally decided to fork out the cash. I’m glad I did though, cause we are burried under snow and ice!

  2. Oh snap! And I went and spent $36 on a big 5 gallon waterer and it has NO heat. I hope the heat lamp facing down on the top will keep the water from freezing. I had a dog bowl heated last year but, it just wasn’t enough water for my 13 hens. I’d have to water them 2 or more times a day.

    Oh well, maybe I can get one later on.

    Thanks for sharing though.


  3. We have a stock tank heater with a cage in our large 18 inch rubber tub. My husband fashioned a lid for the tub and cut a hole aboout 3″ by 3″ in the top near the lip of the tub. This works well and only needs cleaned twice a week. The electric waterer would be a great item to replace this homemade system.

  4. I have one of these. It was working great. The chickens unfortunately pulled the cord out again last night, so it was frozen pretty solid. In trying to pry it open, I broke the red handle off the top. If this waterer doesn’t sit perfectly level, it will drain out completely, flooding your coop. Currently, I’m trying to figure out if i can fashion a new handle (or buy a replacement).

  5. I’m working my way, slowly but surely, toward convincing my husband that we NEED backyard chickens… and the more paraphernalia I just happen to collect, the closer we get! Yay! This type of water dispenser would be perfect in our central-Oregon mountain climate as well. And, maybe it would be the final straw on the camel’s back that would get hubby to finish building my coop! Hoping, hoping, hoping….


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