Courtesy: “The Other Coast” from Hairy Dog productions.   2008

Clementine is our oldest living chicken at currently 9 years of age.  She doesn’t lay anymore… but she has no worries!  She’s still my baby and we don’t eat our chickens.  In fact, she’s very, very, very spoiled.

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Jordanne grew up as a farm girl living in the most unlikely of places -- the concrete jungle sprawl of Los Angeles. She lives on the Urban Homestead where she shares her life with a wacky and always entertaining menagerie of goats, ducks, chickens, cats, bees, and stray animals that land up on her porch. Her passions are the natural and sustainable care of animals and her knowledge lies in successfully integrating "farm" animals into the city lifestyle. Jordanne also contributes to her family's blog called Little Homestead in the City -- chronicling this bizarre, beautiful, and often hilarious journey they're on.


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