One of the first things you notice when you visit Key West Florida, is the wandering chickens. They’re everywhere – inside stores and restaurants, around parks and homes. And controversy brews around the subject. Some people love them and consider them part of Key West … others want to exterminate them.

It is believed that the modern Key West chicken is descended from the Spanish fighting Game cocks. Arriving in Cuba in the 15th Century, the Spanish Fighting Game Cocks migrated to Key West with early Cuban immigrants, where their descendants continue to reside today. I totally would love to study the genes in some of those birds!

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Jordanne grew up as a farm girl living in the most unlikely of places -- the concrete jungle sprawl of Los Angeles. She lives on the Urban Homestead where she shares her life with a wacky and always entertaining menagerie of goats, ducks, chickens, cats, bees, and stray animals that land up on her porch. Her passions are the natural and sustainable care of animals and her knowledge lies in successfully integrating "farm" animals into the city lifestyle. Jordanne also contributes to her family's blog called Little Homestead in the City -- chronicling this bizarre, beautiful, and often hilarious journey they're on.


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