As I sip my Chai tea, and gaze out the window at the snow covered ground, I am mulling ideas over in my brain for gardening ideas for next season that will be simple, or be easier on my ever aging body.

As I was searching online, and in magazines etc. for ideas, and for trends for next year, VERTICAL GARDENING kept coming up. Now I have plenty of space to plant veggies, trees,  etc. but I am single, on a limited income, and need to come up with ideas for planting that are as hassel free, and inexpensive as possible.

This year I fenced in a big portion of my back yard for my dogs, and this idea for vertical gardening really interests me. It would work for me, or for someone living in an apartment in the city. It takes up very little space, is relatively cheap, and the expertise level would be easy. ANYONE can do this. This is an easy to make vertical small space gardening solution which uses a hanging pocket shoe organizer. I would suggest to use a shoe organizer that is sturdy in order to withstand the weight … no cheap materials! It would also work very well hung on a shed. 

 The website Instructables had this idea for vertical gardening, and I plan on using it, I hope you try it too!

**** January is usually a month when many stores run specials on organizing supplies, such as totes, AND shoe organizers, keep your eyes open for deals on these during the month!

1.  Materials needed

– Hanging pocket shoe organiser /store.
– Pole and attachments ( curtain pole or pipe fittings, screws).
– Strong metal saucepan or utensil hanging hooks
– Compost of a good quality moisture holding type.
– Selection of plants or seeds… e.g. mixed leaf salad, herbs,sorrel, peas, mini tomatoes.
– Piece of wood 2″x2″ as long as the width of the pocket store to keep the base of pockets away from the wall.
– Trough planter to catch drips.

2.  Attach pole to shed or wall

Attach a strong chrome pole with metal fittings to a shed or wall of any building.
You could use a curtain pole.
Make sure it is at the correct height especially if you want to grow plants in a trough below ( see step 7). This uses the surplus water from the pockets above.
3.  Attach hanging shoe store

Use strong hooks or wire to attach the shoe store. They must be strong enough to support the weight of the compost, plants and water.
4.  Test drainage

Pour water into the pockets to check the drainage, if they don’t drain then make a few small holes in each of the pockets.
5.  Fill each pocket with compost

Add a good moisture retaining compost, fill to 1″ below the rim so that water does not pour out over the rim.
6. Add plants or seeds

Sow seeds or add seedlings , some suggestions are:
herbs –  thyme, sorrel, chives

salad – mixed leaf, mustard, cut and come again, or spinach

minibel – tomatoes

– ‘petit pois peas –  you can eat the young leaflets and tendrils

7. “Drip Aid”

Use a piece of wood to make sure the excess water drips into the trough below.
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I am a woman in transition. Working hard to build my little mini farm, and be a good mom, and grandma! I have my own Harley, and love to feel the wind in my face. I am a Christian, tree hugger, homesteader, biker chick! Now that is a combination.


  1. While I love the idea, that plastic is not going to be UV stable and I doubt it would even make it through a single growing season…

  2. I have not tried, this, but found it in several magazines, and internet sites. I believe we are to use a better grade of shoe organizer, not the cheap kind.

    I’m going to try it, and see, if I just get a season of herbs and salad greens I will be happy.


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