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When you get involved with animals, you have hundreds of decisions — both big and small — to make. There’s health questions, shelter questions, socialization questions… and more! You probably have them right now as you read this!

Fortunately, our knowledgeable team is here to provide answers and take off some of the pressure. And no matter how big your problem, you can bet we’ve heard it before. So, take a deep breath, relax, and submit your question. We’re here to respond to all your Barnyard and Backyard questions … chickens, ducks, goats, bees… etc!

Just so you know… The Editor has her own farm and is a very busy farmgirl and can’t guarantee that she will answer every last one. If one has already been asked and answered, it will not be re answered so make sure to browse all questions and answers before you submit.

If you have an emergency question, please use our forum for quicker answers from the community.  Submissions via this form be answered on an available time basis so there will be no speedy response to assist you. Sorry.

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