It’s very disturbing for a chicken owner when viewing pictures of the chicken abuse that happens in the poultry industry. Knowing the bright, beautiful, social, intelligent hens of your own flock, it’s very hard to see how the majority of the hens in the United States are treated. I find myself avoiding the stories, films, photos or general information of anything that has to do with the large scale chicken (eggs and meat) industry.

Ignorance, in this case, is not bliss but a preservation of sanity.

But if you have no idea where the meat or the eggs in the supermarket come from (for the most part), you can start here: (PLEASE NOTE: This website contains disturbing images) and here Humane Society of the United States

And when you view these pictures and read the truth behind factory farming… don’t do so detachedly or with tears but do so with the determination to stop this cruelty and make a difference.

This website, Barnyards and Backyards is dedicated to showing a different way of raising animals — one that is holistic, natural and with the care, health and comfort of animals, humans and the planet first and foremost.


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