Poultry Supplement Giveaway Winners!


I’ve decided to give away two bags of the supplement because of my mistake. I used random.org to determine the winner and lost the results, did it again, got a second result and found the first result soon after. So, because I feel bad about the first winner who should have won, and the second winner who should also win, I decided to negate my guilt by awarding two winners. Got it? Get it? Good. 🙂

I’ll hush up now and get to the winners.

1. Christi Phillips! Winner of the chicken supplement bag!

2. Cena! Also wins a chicken supplement!

Hey winners, send me an email: jordanne(at)pathtofreedom(dot)com and claim your prize with a mailing address. (Also, please confirm if you’d like the soy or soy-free formula) Thanks!

All those who didn’t win this time, check back for more giveaways. We’re hoping to have a contest at the beginning of each month for goodies for your home flock, herd, pets, or whatever!



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