Please get a reputable guide from one of the House Rabbit Societies before you do ANY obtaining of a rabbit.

About housing: First of all, a rabbit (or even a pair or trio) can be quite well exercised and happy when they have one room (say 8 ftX10ft) to call home. My 2 house rabbits have one bedroom for the night and go to a “bunny patio” downstairs with a umbrella and bunny condos (cardboard boxes with doorways cut in) for playing in during the day.

But I have no raptors, coyotes, wild dogs or other predators around, so this arrangement would not work without overhead protection in many areas where these predators are found. Still, as you will find when talking with Rabbit Rescue people and House Rabbit keepers, rabbits should NEVER be confined to small wire cages all the time. Try living in your bathroom a couple days and see the analogy.

Finally, there are SO many rabbit rescues and sanctuaries here in California and around the nation, PLEASE adopt a rescue rabbit and don’t feed the “rabbit mill” breeding industry. There are Angoras to be found and many other sorts and you will find a wealth of advice on care, keeping and behavioral interpretation from the people who know the most.

Finally, keeping any Angora breed animal is a great commitment to daily combing and grooming. These are animals artificially bred by humans to produce fiber and the result for the animal is a coat that is impossible to maintain without help. It is long, fine and the undercoat is very thick. I have seen the most deplorable situations when the coat becomes matted with long, hard “cigars” of twisted fur, and can get urine/feces soaked and become a breeding ground for maggots.

If you are willing to do these things for the bunny, then you will have a happy, friendly animal.


    • Angora fibers can be blended with other fibers and spun into a soft, warm yarn. If you know of a spinner they would probably enjoy getting your angora fibers.


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