White Goat Eating Grass during Daytime

What’s In A Name?

We spend many hours trying to come up with names for our children. Millions of dollars have been spent on baby names books, but when it comes to naming our "animal" children, many don't bother, or just give in to the age old favorites...Spot, Pepper, Rascal etc.

2010 In Review

2010 was a long year, 365 days to be exact! Although it seemed much, much longer to me. The beginning of the year, I did some planning, and made a lot of decisions.

Christmas On The Farm

Grandpa always wore faded old blue jeans, a long sleeved shirt, and a straw hat, but this icy, cold December day he added a big heavy coat, and gloves. "We're going to cut down a Christmas tree, get bundled up!" he said, as he went out the door, and a gush of frigid Southern Indiana air filled grandma's kitchen.

The Thanksgiving Dinner Is In The Bag!

Each year about this time, my mind drifts back to Thanksgiving dinners of the past. Stupendous ,joyful days filled with family, friends, and turkey!

ASK: Breeding and Pregnancy with Sheep

Hello fellow barnbuddies, it's your resident sheep expert Meagan here to answer a sheep-related Ask Miz Hennessy question! How do I know that my ram...