Nutri-Drench is a product that is always in my animal medicine chest shed.    It is the first thing I reach for when I have a sick animal or any animal that just looks …inexplicably off.   I have even used it on abandoned baby birds and injured wild animals.  In fact, I panic if I run out of Nutri-Drench.  It’s my safety-net, my emergency “contact”, my vet-in-a-bottle.

Here in Pasadena – heck, Los Angeles for that matter – farm animal vets are scarcer than hen’s teeth and some vet offices even consider chickens “exotic” animals.  What a laugh! So I need to rely on the resources I have at hand.

After these many years of raising city chickens in our backyard, I have gained a knowledge of what works and what doesn’t through hands-on experience.  I have always felt strongly that when it comes to raising animals it’s always a learning experience but you can only begin to have an idea of what you are doing when you have been at the birth (or hatch) and death of an animal.  That can bring to you real answers that are beyond the workshops and book knowledge.

The poultry version of Nutri-Drench is what we nursed our duck, Amy, with through the first couple of days after her injury when she could neither eat or drink on her own.   Without Nutri-Drench, it would have been much harder to keep her hydrated and “fed” and allow her to recover significantly (read Amy’s full story — yeah, thinking of her still rips my heart out.  I don’t know if you ever forget those “babies” you raise, but that’s for another post.)

Every new duckling or chick gets it regularly and when we brought home our baby goats, we kept them on a dosage of it for several weeks to help with the transition.

When you have an ill animal, there is no way it will get better without energy.  A sick animal usually refuses to eat which sometimes causes more problems than the actual illness itself.   Fast response has a big impact  in any illness or injury.  In addition, disease and / or high stress conditions create nutritional deficiencies which lead to more serious issues.  Animals off feed not only suffer weight loss but need immediate support to avoid further complications, costly treatment or death.

Nutri-Drench is  a natural, high energy source containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and glucose. These nutrients support life and are needed quickly to restore a non-functioning immune system.

Feed and supplements normally require 8-14 hours for digestion. Nutri-Drench does not require digestion so it doesn’t add any additional body stress. It is the first and only oral supplement to rapidly absorb from the stomach directly to the bloodstream in minutes, while other sources of nutrition are still in the digestion process.  It is measurable in the bloodstream within 10 minutes and 50% is absorbed in 30 minutes.  it is the fastest replacement nutrition possible, with 99% utilization

This formula is backed by 2 U.S. patents, 20 years research and field trials on over 500,000 animals.

Nutri-Drench can be used in drinking water as a supplement for regular preventative care.    Or, it could be added during times of extreme weather conditions, heat stress, molting, shedding, shipping strain, or any times to boost the health of your flock.

Contains only natural nutritional ingredients.

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Rabbit Nutri-Drops:


  1. I used the goat version on my Nubian, Gidget, when she looked a little anemic last winter. It worked like a charm and she liked the taste which made things much easier.

  2. Jordanne, you know to please alert me when Rabbit Nutri-Drench is available! I have my two geriatric buns on my own homemade version of Critical Care that I use as a sort of Bunny Ensure. They eat pellets, hay and fresh OG greens, but my oldest was losing weight. I grind up timothy pellets and OG rabbit pellets 2:1 ratio in a coffee grinder (dedicated soley to grinding pellets) and add water to let it “bloom”. I then mix in some OG applesauce for the am supplement and a combo of OG baby food carrots/greenbeans for the nighttime supplement. The Nutri-Drench sounds like it would be a good supplement for when they have to travel in the car or get stressed from other factors. Thank you for informing us of this product!


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