Each year about this time, my mind drifts back to Thanksgiving dinners of the past. Stupendous ,joyful days filled with family, friends, and turkey!

Now, I have an issue with eating any animal I know personally,so my turkey is purchased each year. Yes, I know, if I am gonna be a farmer, homesteader, I am gonna have to get over that, so becoming a vegetarian, is an option here, or bartering with another homesteader, so I don’t actually KNOW my turkey and dressing!

I will never forget the first Thanksgiving meal I prepared as a young bride.

My husband and I were remodeling our old country home, and we were staying with my parents. They decided to go to Vegas for the Holiday, so that left me to cook Thanksgiving dinner.

I HATE TO COOK! Just getting that out of the way, I’m not good, at it, don’t like it, and feel that is why God invented restaurants, but, I was left with that annual ritual, and left poorly prepared!

I purchased the most wonderful, magnificent bird you could imagine. I prepared him and slid him in the oven to cook.

Macy’s parade, friends, well wishers, call from mom in Vegas to tell me she was winning and dad was losing and bumming her money! It was a great morning!

As we sat down to give thanks, and dig into my tantilizing spread, my husband gets a funny look on his face, “What’s that sticking out of the turkey?” He asks. Slowly he pokes his fork at the protruding object, and begins to pull out a hot, steaming bag of, livers, gizzard, and neck……

I had left the bag of stuff in it, and cooked it too!

Belly laughs, and hysterical fits of laughter came from my husband, and he quicklly calls my mother to tell her!

Many years have past since that first Thanksgiving, just as the first one the Pilgrims experienced here in this new land.

I wish you Peace, Love and Joy, and I hope you are all Thankful, for our way of life.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and remember, it’s in the bag!


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