I have had a heck of a time with my chicken population. I was the proud recipient of six older hens about a month ago, and only had them a couple weeks when something got in the coop mistaking it for Kentucky Fried Chicken and left me with just one. Needless to say her name is now ‘LUCKY” Thank God she was not working the drive thru window that night!

I debated on wether to get more now, or wait till spring, but couldn’t stand the thought of LUCKY having  to spend the winter alone.
So I called a friend that raises assorted poultry and told her I needed to buy a rooster!

Now to have happy healthy hens, and delicious eggs, I don’t believe we have to have a rooster, but I wanted one! I guess somewhere in my head I feel that having a rooster strutting around, crowing will make my little homestead a real “FARM”

I have had my little buddy a few days now, and after having some time to get to know him, and his personality, I decided it was time to give him a name.

Each animal just as humans have a unique personality, and this little guy is no exception, he is a proud cock, and struts around the coop like a military leader!

I threw out a challenge to my friends, and asked them to help me name him, and they jumped to the task. But the names just weren’t befitting a rooster with such a proud, majestic spirit. Nuggets, and Clyde just didn’t fit him.

So I have decided to name him……drum roll please……

Napolean Buonaparte!

Originally Napolean Buonaparte, also unofficially known as The Little Corporal.He was one of the greatest military commanders, a risk taking gambler;the twice-emperor of France whose military endeavors and sheer personality dominated Europe in person for a decade, and in thought for a century.

My little blue, cochin rooster’s personality is very much like is human counterpart, so I would like to introduce you to his majesty….Napolean Buonaprte, because after all…..what’s in a name?


  1. Funny. We have a small flock of ducks that are all female. The “head” female is quite the warrior when she wants to be. For that reason, we named her Boadicea. 🙂

    I love a fitting name for bird, beast, or man.

  2. Before we knew our rooste was a roo we had named him Chickzilla… the biggest and bossyest of the peeps.


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