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We love to learn from other people and have them share many special and unique ideas, perspectives and experiences. If you’re interested in contributing to this blog either as a regular writer or through the submission of an article, please read the guidelines below.

Criteria for Contributing Writers & Submitted Articles:

1. Responsible animal-caretaking
The moment you put an animal behind a fence or provide it designated living quarters, you are taking on full responsibility for the life of that animal. Our writers must be people who are serious about their responsibility and believe that animals are not throw-away or fads to just be a part of and then move on. There is a huge difference between having animals and keeping them. Think about it… there is a difference. Keeping animals means that you are fully and wholly committed to keeping them comfortable, in good health, and being there for them.

2. A love for animals, holistic care, natural remedies and good stewardship practices!
This is the heart of this website, and so it is very crucial that our writers also have a passion for sustainably raising animals with the most natural practices. However, since we are still learning and growing, we cannot all be “antibiotic-free” or “vaccine-free” as it is often the only way we know how to treat some of our animal problems. Rx is our last resort because sometimes, it all comes down to saving the animal’s life.

3. “Expertise” not required.
We don’t expect you to be an expert on these topics or to be especially advanced in the care of animals. Newbies are very much welcomed! Even if you have no clue what you are doing, we want to share in that and learn with how you are learning and share in your process. We love the different perspectives that all levels of experience brings!

4. Excellent writing and self-editing skills.
We endeavor to post high-quality articles, well-written and engaging, with attention paid to grammar, spelling, ease of reading, etc. We ask that our writers commit to pursuing excellence in what and how they write, and take care to edit their work carefully. We’re not strict about this, but we want this site to be top-notch and a pleasure to read.

5. Cruel animal practices will not be tolerated.
Discussing the pros and cons of such things can be interesting, or showing why something is wrong is fine. But if you are a supporter of Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOS), believe all chickens need to be debeaked or think Foie Gras is a great practice and want to write about how to do it… well, I don’t think this site is for you.

6. Have a deep respect for animals, even if you raise them for food.
Although some of our Editing team are vegetarians, we have nothing against people raising animals for meat as long as it is done correctly with care, compassion and concern for the well-being and comfort of the animal during its life and particularly, in death. We ask that you be respectful of the process. For instance, photographing the dismembered head of a slaughtered animal is not respectful in our opinion. There is no reason that needs to be documented.

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