ASK Mix Hennessy: “Sleepy Hen”

I have a RIR that is 18 weeks old. We have 5 total hens. We got our first eggs last week. Not sure if...

Chicken Love

     ...Or perhaps I should title that "Chicken Obsession" as my love for chickens now tends to border on obsession.        Last year I purchased...

ASK Miz Hennessy: Hey Rabbit Raisin’ Folks, We Need Your Help!

I'm looking for ideas for keeping the rabbits on my “urban homestead” cool and reaching out to my friends with knowledge in medicine, agriculture, engineering, science and common sense.

ASK Miz Hennessy: Nutri-Drench for Chicks

Would you recommend adding Nutri-Drench to my new chicks water after I get them? If so, how long do you think, and how much?

ASK Miz Hennessy: Poorly Chicken

My hen (about 3 years old) seems very poorly. She is not eating and her legs seem to have gone bandy,and sometimes her wings...