GIVEAWAY: Manna Pro Poultry Conditioner — Winner Announced!

Thanks to Manna Pro LLC who sent these boxes to us to share with y'all. Be sure to check out the company at...

Deciphering the marketing labels on chicken meat

It seems like more and more labels are being used on food these days and are leaving consumers with only a vague sense of...

ASK the Editor: Six months old and not laying

I have 2 new brown leghorn pullets that are six months old and appear full grown. They have not produced any eggs yet, and...

A Few Little Known Chicken Facts

A few little known chicken facts.

Goat Breeds – Which One Do I Choose?

I am going to be getting goats this summer, and trying to decide which breed is best for me. So I have been doing a bit of research, and thought this might be informative to others that are considering getting goats as well.