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In the Urban Homestead’s animal pen, copious amounts of  feathers are blowing about and making the entire place look untidy.   Some of the moulting hens seem quite embarrassed about the whole situation.  Sairey, our Ameraucana Hen is practically naked and looks even more confused these days than her usual dense self while Estella, our Black Speckled D’Uccle Bantie is depressed over the loss of her beauty and  has become abnormally anti-social — skulking about in corners and moping over the indignity of her condition.  Her cute little puffy cheeks were the first to moult but now her feathered feet and legs are full of “blood feathers”and it looks rather painful.

It’s not just the chickens, either.  The ducks’ sleek seal brown coloring is mottled with lighter underdown showing through.

As the coop is being generously decorated by the hens with bits of themselves, we’re amping up the supplements to help de-stress everyone and to give them that little extra boost to grow those feathers extra purdy.

And so, in honor of the  moulting season and pissy and moody and sulking chickens and ducks, we’re giving away our 2nd giveaway this month.   Thanks to Manna Pro LLC who sent these boxes to us to share with y’all.  Be sure to check out the company at their website: I had an exchange of emails with the Assistant Brand Manager and she informed me that they will be adding several all-natural products to their poultry line that should be available in spring 2011.

They are also striving to show support for a nurturing, connected lifestyle.  With a motto:  “nurturing life” they are seeking to help people find the resources they need to care for their animals and have a positive relationship with their life and their food.   Manna Pro Products, LLC , formed in 1985, has deep roots and connections to some of the feed industries pioneers who paved the way for excellence in animal nutrition.

Win a Package of MANNA PRO Poultry Conditioner

This is a comprehensive pelleted supplement helps condition birds for performance & exhibition with brilliant high quality plumage and complete fortification for vigorous, healthy birds.


* Helps condition birds for performance and exhibition
* Supports brilliant, high-quality plumage
* Provides complete fortification for vigorous, healthy birds

Outstanding ingredients:

* Calf-Manna®, an excellent source of protein and energy
* Flaxseed meal concentrated energy with omega 3 fatty acids
* Fish meal, high levels of quality protein and omega 3 fatty acids
* Amino acids, provide the building blocks for muscle growth and development
* Comprehensive mineral/vitamin nutrition, used by the body for soundness, structure, health and fitness
* Chelated trace minerals more absorbable form of minerals
* Digestive aids, helps improve feed utilization including maintaining feed intake during times of stress
* Also contains yucca, kelp, and anise flavor

Poultry Conditioner should be fed as a supplement with other feed or scratch grains. Poultry Conditioner can be mixed into the feed or fed daily to individual birds.

MIXING: Add Poultry Conditioner in with your current feed at up to 25% of the mix. Poultry Conditioner can be added to scratch grains at up to 50% of the mix.


Are your chickens moulting? Do they get pissy? Moody? Depressed? Or do they become demented freakzoids? Comment in the form below to enter.

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WINNER! Commenter #24 Margaret Kellogg!


  1. I have one hen who turns into Queen of the Nesting Box and refuses to leave or let the other two near the box. As a result, the other two have plucked the feathers from their breasts and one of the two acts like a Psycho Drama Queen, making all kinds of commotion, when trying to get in the box to lay an egg. If Manna Pro comes with chicken downers, I’m all for it!

  2. There seems to be a lot of arguing going on in our coop. All the usually fancy ladies are rather testy! They seem to ignore the younger group that still have their feathers. I’ll take the cue from this mixture and see if I can find it at our feed store. Hoping it will help. =)

  3. I have one little banty hen who is moulting… really moulting. She’s practically naked, I’m rather embarressed for her. Always knew she was a tiny bird but had no idea until she lost ALL of her feathers… poor baby.

  4. Half our flock just came out of the moult, while the other half has just begun. Nice of them to coordinate this way, as our egg customers are somewhat addicted to these eggs.

    I’ve been making them special high protein gruel to help them build beautiful feathers. A supplement would be such a great help!

  5. We used to have white rocks who figured out that kicking the feed bucket satisfied their all day munchies. The new flock isn’t that bright but boy are they fast. Feathers abound as one after the other they jump off their perch like WWE allstars chasing flies etc. Hilarious to watch them run after each other when they suspect a roomie got to a snack first. Hubby’s heading to Tractor Supply for Manna Poultry Conditioner as we speak…

  6. Yes, feathers everywhere! Now I know why my grandmother used to say “Aw, chicken feathers!” I’m new to keeping chickens, so this is my first winter coming up with them.

  7. My sister’s two hens (I’m a hen auntie by proxie) have been looking kind of bedraggled and less their oh-so-evil hen shiny selves since late August. It’s partially since they’ve been relegated back into their chicken tractor. Poor, Attilla the Hen and Darth Fowl (that’s there names)also don’t seem particularly happy and that is was a mean joke when they were lured in with some late Summer watermelon and the door was closed behind them. Perhaps some Manna Pro will bring back some joy for them?

  8. We were planning on going all natural with our hens, but this product seems to be very helpful for moulting girls. I’m excited they are coming out with an all natural profit. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  9. Ours are just finishing and finally growing new and beautiful feathers. They were a sad sight there for a while. Princess, usually the beautiful one, was just beside herself. She was running around like a chicken with her….um… feathers off and just didn’t want to be touched. Someone said they were going through “henapause”….grin. Man, I love our girls.

  10. Molting chickens are downright embarassing, not only for themselves personally(it’s got to be shocking for them), but I refuse to let my camera crazy daughter take any pics of the girls when feathers are flying….the poor things:( We’d sure love to try this product…thanks for the give-aways!

  11. I have one chicken – that’s right, one. Ophelia is the queen . . . period. She is in her Winter lodging now – a pen in my livingroom! And there are feathers everywhere! When she molts – she gets very gouchy. But Fruit Loops help with that!!

  12. Mine havent started yet but are getting rather ouchy so it should be soon. They had a small moult in the spring so maybe that’s what’s holding them up. Have been feeding my sunflower seeds which is high in vitamins but would love to try the conditioner as well…

  13. My chickens are not currently molting but when they do they seem to want to dirt bathe even more as if to cover up their nakedness. I also think the roosters pay them even more attention at these times as if their appearance is an open invitation! Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. My chickens are molting en masse for the first time. I haven’t noticed a great deal of change in their behaviour but I have noticed a flurry of feathers around the coop (not to mention the astounding decrease in laying).

  15. I’m just getting started with chickens and have 3 that are soon to produce eggs, but not quite yet. They are molting now and getting snotty with each other. Would love to try the conditioner and see how it helps!

  16. I have a hen house full of girls and it’s hard to tell if the Roosters are loving them a lot or if they are moulting. One of my Buff Orpingtons is looking quite bare so I’m sure she is moulting. I think I’m getting attitude because I’ve started keeping them in because our temps here in Fairbanks are at 12 above right now. I would have to say that none of them are happy about being closed in at this time of the year. Maybe the conditioning food would help with that too.

  17. Not sure about molting. This is my first winter with poultry!! Looks like I’m in for some fun! Hope they molt before it gets too cold!

  18. We don’t have chickens yet as we’re getting ready for a spring chick order We are working hard to get an old garden shed and play structure converted into a coop and run. Oh, and working at getting chickens legalized in our town as well!


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