WINNER: Natural Poultry Feed Supplement


The winner of October’s Natural Poultry Feed Supplement giveaway is: commenter


— Stacy who introduced us to her flock:

My family and I have enjoyed our wonderful flock of 6 hens for just over a year now! We love each of their different personalities. One of my Americanas was broody and recently hatched one fluffy black chick from some borrowed eggs. A new adventure every day!

I had so much fun reading through the comments and learning about your ducks and chickens, and your family too! The number of feathered friends ranged greatly. There was the lady with one pet chicken that was a hoot and some of you had a couple of chickens and ducks… and at least one of y’all had 43 hens! It was all kinds of awesome to read the stories and share. Thanks!

The winner’s number was chosen by Wish I could give each and everyone one of you a prize to thank you for visiting and sharing! I seriously have a guilt problem when it comes to giveaways….

Hey Stacy, send me an email: jordanne(at)pathtofreedom(dot)com and claim your prize with a mailing address. (Also, please confirm if you’d like the soy or soy-free chicken formula) Thanks!

All those who didn’t win this time, check back for more giveaways. We’re hoping to have a contest at the beginning of each month for goodies for your home flock, herd, pets, or whatever! Help this site grow and share the link with your friends!


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