I have two male Khaki Campbells, just full grown. My local feed store doesn’t carry duck feed so have been giving them my hens layer pellets with some water mixed. My question is: would it be bad to make up the protein deficiency with a little dry cat food mixed in?

Dry cat food is a common treat some duck raisers use. However ducks really don’t need more protein than chickens. What’s the protein percentage of the hen layer pellets that you have? Males over 6 weeks need only approximately 14-16% protein. Just remember to boost the Niacin by adding brewer’s yeast — 2.5lbs of brewer’s yeast per 50lbs of feed for non-laying ducks or male ducks.

If your feed has the appropriate protein percentage, you can still use dry cat food as a treat. They [usually] love it.

Let me know if you need any more information.

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